• Zion follows a traditional form of worship: hymns, responsive readings, regular use of the “Lord’s Prayer”, the “Apostles Creed”, prayers by the Pastor and others.
  • Zion follows the sacraments (ordinances) commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ, of baptism by the application of water. Baptism does not save; it is an act of obedience and a time for public confession of Christ as Savior. And the Lord’s Supper; participation is an opportunity to reflect upon the giving of Christ’s body and blood for the remission of our sin; we are to examine our relationship with the Savior and one another at the Lord’s Supper; the elements include a choice of either wine or grape juice.
  • Zion believes that the Great Commission of Christ is to be reaffirmed. (Matthew 28:19-20).  Mission is understood as preaching the Gospel in word and deed across cultural and language barriers.  Closely related is Evangelism which involves being a witness of the Gospel to people like ourselves.  Evangelism is the way of the Christian life.
  • Zion believes the catechism is an instrument of the church. It is used to acquaint children and adults with the claims of Christ.  Its teaching centers on the Bible, the various parts of the catechism, the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the sacraments (ordinances), and the Church.  Upon the completion of the study of the catechism students are confirmed.  Confirmation is a Christian ceremony in which a person is admitted to full membership in the church, having reaffirmed vows made at baptism.
  • Zion follows a congregational form of government. The Church Board consists of the Pastor, elected officials, Deacons, Deaconesses and Trustees.  The Pastor serves at the discretion of the Church Board.
  • Zion recognizes the principle set forth in I Timothy 2: 10-14; yet it follows the contemporary, Protestant tradition of using both men and women in the pulpit, on a temporary basis, according to need and special circumstances.
  • Zion is a Christ-centered, independent, congregational church and plans to continue and provide Christian ministry in that mode.
  • Zion is an older congregation that believes the old ways are best to walk in and has no desire to grow beyond its means or become “purpose driven” for the sake of growth or being “relevant.”