The Zion Congregational Church was organized October 15, 1923. A group of German-Russian background people who had been worshipping together for some time, organized the congregation and called themselves “Die Kongregational Zions Gemeinde Zu Cheyenne, Wyoming”.  Through donations of charter members, friends of the church and businessmen, Jake Reider, acting for the church, purchased property from A.D. Kelly on October 20, 1923 for $675.00.  This was the location of the church building for the next thirty years.  On January 29, 1924 the Congregation was incorporated and the Charter Members recorded were:  Jake Reider, Peter Stang, H. Walker, John Gettman, J. Burchmann, Fred Lebsack, Sr., Conrad Reider, Fred Reider, Henry Schnell, Henry Siegfried, Henry Wamboldt, W. Kleinke, John Fletcher, George C. Flear, David Tempel, John Hardung, C.M. Greenwald and John Reider.

Charter members were all of German ancestry.  Many had come to the United States from Russia and had originally settled in Colorado and Nebraska as farmers.  However, in 1922 the Union Pacific Railroad was hiring workers, and seeking a better life for their families, the families moved to Cheyenne.

Prior to the church being constructed, members held services in a building which was located on the two hundred block of East 12th Street.  The services were held whenever the Conference Minister, Rev. George Helzer of Denver, was in Cheyenne.  Sunday school and prayer meetings were held in members’ homes.  The services were conducted in German for many years.  When funds were obtained to start the building of the first church, the Board of Directors hired someone to excavate the basement.  The remainder of the church was built by the members, who worked evenings and all day Saturday until the first church was completed at 711 Maxwell Avenue.  At this time other well know Cheyenne families became members of the church – Jacob Kreiger, Sr., George Uhrich, Sr., Alex Fahrenbruch, Phillip Schemp, Conrad Schaub, George Ostermiller, Henry Gettman, Henry Fox Sr., and others.

The Zion Congregational Women’s Fellowship was organized in 1927 with the first meeting held at the home of Mrs. Jacob Amen, Sr.  This group has contributed substantially toward the support of the church.

Nine ministers served the church from its inception until 1950.  Rev. William Strauch served the church from 1950 until 1958 and during this period the membership growth enabled the congregation to build a new church edifice in 1953 at 600 East 7th Street which adjoins the original property.  The original building was then converted into parsonage, again all work being done by the members.  In December of 1967 a new parsonage was purchased at 716 Shoshoni, which has subsequently been sold.  The original church building now serves as the Church School Annex. Recent Pastors who have served Zion include Rev. Elmer Wilhelm, Rev. Eric Snyder, and Rev. John Fanella. 

“For the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ” Rev. 1:2.